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New Skill Set in the upcoming update?

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1New Skill Set in the upcoming update? Empty New Skill Set in the upcoming update? on Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:39 pm


Hey guys and gurls,

I browsed the WorldWideWeb and found something that made me really courious. And I think you will also benefit from this Information.
I found a site which shows a 4th skill set for each school.
So let's begin, shall we? Very Happy

Red: Attack Skill 
Green: Block Skill
Blue: Feint Skill
Dark Red: Rage Skill
Grey: Utility Skill

Dragon Claw Weapon: Fist

Call Your Bluff |Cooldown:2s|Range:N/A|Hits:Cone
The spammy attack. Inflicts "Void" status, which slows movement speed and can stack.

Catch the Wind|Cooldown:6s|Range:15m|Hits:Target
Causes 188 points of yang damage (2 hit), seals flying moves for 2 seconds if target has "Incomplete" status

Seize the Clouds|Cooldown:2s|Range: N/A|Hits:Target
Results in 76 points sun damage (1 hit) in front of the enemy; adds "Void" and "Incomplete" status on successful block-break

Conserve the Scarce
Successful block inflicts "Lacking" status on enemy, which increases cost of flying moves and stacks up to 3 times

Cherish the Lost
Bombs the target causing 188 points yang damage (2 hit); if target has "Void" status, he will be immobolized for 2 seconds. Turns into a charging attack in air

Chasing Shadow
Causes 188 points yang damage (1 hit), and add a stack of "Void" to the target. If used as a ground-to-air attack, then shoots the enemy out of the air and deals extra damage.

Throat Strike|Cooldown:10s|Range:3m|Hits:Target
The dragon charges, claws outstretched, with a bone-shattering, tendon-Incinerating attack. Deals 695 yang damage over 7 hits

Rosy Cloud Stab Weapon: Dagger

Passing Clouds|Cooldown:2s|Range: Melee|Hits:Cone|
Basic attack, hits twice.

Move Clouds And See The Sun|Cooldown:6s|Range:3m|Hits:Target, Cone
Dash to target, hit 3x.

Morning Cloud And Evening Rain|Cooldown:8s|Range:3m|Hits: Target, Cone
If you are in air will dash to target. If they are in air will disable flying skills. Largest single hit in this set.

Embracing The Wind|Cooldown:2s|Range:Melee|Hits:Cone
Restores Internal Force on a successful block break.

Immortals Showing The Path|Cooldown:1s|Range:self|Hits:Block, Stance
Decreases enemy Stamina on block.

Rosy Clouds Slowly Rise|Cooldown:8s|Range:20m?|Hits:Target, Self
Heal over Time (small amount of hp over 5s, yellow only), also a +soft damage boost for yourself only (20-40 per hit). If an enemy is targeted will target yourself whether or not the enemy is targeting you.

Meridian Breaking|Cooldown:10s|Range:Melee|Hits:AoE
Rage move, pirouette in place hitting everything around you for 11 small damage hits. Each spin does a small tick of healing (28 at skill 3) to your entire group whether or not you hit anything. You can move while performing this attack.

Tai Chi Fist Weapon: Fist

White Crane Spreads Its Wings|Cooldown:2s|Range:N/A|Hits:Cone
Hits frontal cone twice, applies "Sticky Force" debuff, decreasing movement speed by 10%, the debuff can stack.

Splitting a Wild Horse's Mane|Cooldown:6s|Range:3m|Hits:Target
Hits target twice, if used within 5 seconds of a successful parry, can knockdown airborne targets.

Two Peaks Through One's Ears|Cooldown:2s|Range:N/A|Hits:Cone
Breaks parries in a frontal cone. On a successful parry break will seal feints for a time. If used within 5 seconds of a successful parry, the seal time will be extended.

Golden Hen Standing on One Foot|Cooldown:1s|Range:N/A|Hits:Self
Secret Tai Chi technique, can switch between 2 modes: Block mode:If the target is affected by "Sticky Force", a successful parry will redirect opponent's attack, dealing damage to surrounding foes instead. Attack mode: Upon a successful parry, adds stackable buff "Lead Force" to self, adding Yin damage to all Tai Chi Fist attacks, each attack using up one stack of "Lead Force"

Seemingly Sealed Off|Cooldown:15s|Range:Self|Hits:Self
Adds "Grappling Force" buff to self, removing debuffs and absorbing damage for a time. When the buff expires (either due to time or damage), half the absorbed damage is dealt to surrounding foes.

The Wyvern Leaves the Sea|Cooldown:10s|Range:N/A|Hits:AoE
AoE attack, can hit airborne targets. If used with 5 seconds of a successful parry, will cause struck foes to be unable to jump or use jump skills.

Pluck the Peacock's Plume|Cooldownd:40s|Range:Self|Hits:Self
Applies "Dissolution" buff to self, absorbing damage and recovering HP and IF.

Opening the Tai Chi|Cooldown:10s|Range:N/A|Hits:AoE
Deals a large amount of damage to all surrounding foes over 3 strikes. Also pulls foes towards the user, then sends them flying.

Dog Beating Staff Weapon: Quarterstaff

Waving the Dog's Paws|Cooldown:2s|Range:3m|Hits:Cone
Single hit attack that inflicts "Instigate" status. Incited may be stacked up to three times.

Swipe the Dog's Back|Cooldown:6s|Range:20m|Hits:Target
Single hit thrust. Removes one Instigate status from the target to seal feint attacks.

Quick Strike on Dog's Hip|Cooldown:8s|Range:3m|Hits:Target
Charge attack. Four jabs. Removes one Instigate status from target to seal parrying. Turns into a charging attack in the air.

Luring Dogs to Camp|Cooldown:8s|Range:3m|Hits:Target
Charge attack. Spins staff for five hits. Removes one Instigate status from target to seal movement. Turns into a charging attack in the air.

Flatten Dog's Back|Cooldown:2s|Range:5m|Hits:Cone
When a block is broken, inflicts "Flatten" status on enemy for six seconds. Crushed enemies use 15 more flying points when they use flying skills. If the enemy has "Fallen" status when the blocks is broken, flying skills are sealed for two seconds as well.

Evil Dog Blocks the Way|Cooldown:1s|Range:Self|Hits:Self
Upon a successful block, inflicts Instigate status onto attacker. In addition, has a chance to inflict "Disarmed" upon block, sealing weapons for three seconds. The more Instigate the attacker has, the more likely he will be Disarmed.  

Flip the Dog Upside-Down|Cooldown:8s|Range:6m|Hits:AoE
Single hit that launches enemies way up and inflicts "Fallen" status, which prevents jumping.

No Dogs Under Heaven|Cooldown:None|Range:Melee|Hits:AoE
Consumes 50 rage. Swing staff wildly to strike surrounding enemies 9 times. Upon the last strike enemies within 6 meters who are not blocking will be sent flying.

King of Hell's Invitation Weapon: Dagger

Reaper's Rage
Dart throw that does 66-68 damage. Skill can be charged/held to do extra damage.

Soup of Oblivion
Ranged Block Breaker, if it breaks the enemy's block they will be made Unconscious (similar to Fainting) for 3s. If they take damage while Unconscious, they may wake up.

Wronged Ghost at Your Feet
Throw a ten meter wide trap of flaming oil. The first enemy to enter the trap will be Immobilized for 2s and dealt extra damage. Enemies within the trap are slowed by -20% and are prevented from using Flying Skills (debuff is not cumulative). Enemies in area are applied one stack of the "Wronged Ghost" debuff every second, stacking up to 20. The trap remains on ground 30s after casting and the flaming oil remains 30s after being triggered.

Brush of the Underworld Judge|Cooldown:10s|Range:15m|Hits:Frontal AOE
Can be used while moving. Throw darts in a 15 meter frontal cone, dealing 15 hits total.

Record of the Underworld Judge|Cooldown:2s|Range:5m|Hits:Target
Detonates all the explosive trap dropped by Wild Ghost Spooks Soul.

Rip the Heart|Cooldown:6s|Range:3m|Hits:Target
Charging attack. Hits target three times, leaping back afterwards.

Hunt the Soul|Cooldown:6s|Range:25m|Hits:Target
Throw three darts, extra damage if the target has "Wronged Ghost" debuff stacks.

Wicked Spirit Blocks the Way|Cooldown:30s|Range:10m|Hits:AOE
Throws 10m wide explosive trap. When triggered, deals damage to all enemies in range. Damage is increased by stacks of "Wronged Ghost". If the dart attacks in the set pass through the area of effect, they will add the "Scald" debuff to enemies which increase damage received. Trap lasts for 20s, triggered effect lasts 20s.

Rage of the Lost Souls
Drop a dynamite trap that can be manually detonated with Reversal of Judgement, or will explode on its own after 30s. Can place maximum of three traps.

Jade Flute Sword Technique Weapon: Single Sword

Cloud Fills the Heart|Cooldown:2s|Range:5m|Hits:Target
Basic attack that adds "Cloud Heart" debuff, which slows movement speed.

Xiao Shi Rides A Dragon|Cooldown:6s|Range:3m|Hits:Target
Charge attack that does 3 hits. Each hit sends out a chained damage effect which can jump to 3 other targets.

Golden Sound and Jade Vibration
Ranged attack. Will bounce between enemies (up to 5 times) each hit will cause damage, 1s of Fainting and 2s of sealed Flying Skills.

Echo Over Tower|Cooldown:2s|Range:5m|Hits:Cone
Single hit. On successful block break will Immobilize enemy.

Clear Voice Beyond the Mountain|Cooldown:1s|Range:Self|Hits:Self
Upon successful block, applies "Clear Sound" buff to self, when buff reaches 15 stacks, will immediately finish CD on Golden Sound Jade Vibration. 15s internal cooldown on the effect.

Oar In Midstream|Cooldown:20s|Range:20m|Range:AoE
Creates a bubble of flute song. Enemies caught in the bubble will continually lose health. Lasts 16s.

Phoenix Song|Cooldown:10s|Range:8m|Hits:AoE
Deals massive damage to enemies in range over 11 hits. Applies "Bewildered" debuff, decreases attack power and reverses all directional input. Enemies in the air will be knocked down.

Royal Guards:
Blood Killing Knife Skill Weapon: Single Blade

Bathe the World with Blood|Cooldown:12s|Range:20m|Hits:AoE
Enemies within range will be bound together for 2s, deals damage over 2 hits and applies "Bloody Death Blade", causing enemies to immolate friendly units within 5m, lasting 6s.

Pulls self towards target, striking once.

Chaotic Battlefield|Cooldown:6s|Range:3m|Hits:Target
Charging attack if used when flying. Striking twice, immolates target for 6s.

Bloody Battle|Cooldown:10s|Range:5m|Hits:Target
Pounds the ground, knocking down surrounding enemies, deals 1 hit, if you have 3 stacks of "Blood Thirsty Will" they will be consumed to provide super armor to the skill.

Bloody Dust|Cooldown:2s|Range:5m|Hits:Cone
Upon successful block break, applies "Red Dust" debuff, drastically decreasing attack power, recovering slowly with time.

Kill with a Borrowed Knife|Cooldown:1s|Range:Self|Hits:Self
Each successful block adds 1 stack of "Blood Thirsty Will" (up to 3 stacks), adding 20% life steal to attacks in the set. Each attack consumes a stack.

Kill Indiscriminately|Cooldown:8s|Range:5m|Hits:Cone Single strike. Damage scales inversely with your own life.

Bloody Edge|Cooldown:10s|Range:3m|Hits:Target
Knocks down target, hitting 7 times, has 20% lifesteal. No lifesteal if parried.

Blissfull Valley:
Lethal Thirteen Sword Weapon: Single Sword

Silenced by the Sword|Cooldown:2s|Range:5m|Hits:Cone
Deals damage to all enemies directly in front of the user, hitting 2 times. Inflicts "Locked Throat" status on enemies, causing them to be unable to eat.

Returning Wind Seizes the Moon
When struck, will reduce target's recovery (yellow life). Will knock down a enemy dazed by "Movements of the Sparrow".

Reflect the Sword|Cooldown:10s|Range:Self|Hits:Self
Upon a successful parry, has a 20% to reduce attacker's rage by 2 points.

Kneel to Watch Moon|Cooldown:10s|Range:15m|Hits:Target
Can strike airborne targets. Will increase target's IF consumption and deal damage according to IF consumed. Special pranayama technique, can be unleashed 3 times within the first 6 seconds of the cooldown.

Lower Head and Kneel|Cooldown:10s|Range:3m|Hits:Target
2 hit attack that can only be used against knocked down targets, the second strike will launch target into the air.

Step Back and Return
Single strike, if the target is within 8m he will continue to take damage afterwards, if the target is still within 8m after 4 seconds he will be dazed for 3 seconds. If parried, cooldown is reduced by half.

Passage of Time|Cooldown:10s|Range:20m|Hits:Target
Held (?) attack. The struck target will be made immobile. The time of immobility is determined how long the attack is charged/held for. Damage also increases according to charging/held time.

Defy the Heaven|Cooldown:10s|Range:3m|Hits:Target
6 hits, will do double damage to targets under 24% health.

Cleave by the Green Sword|Cooldown:2s|Range:5m|Hits:Target
When parry is broken, will remove most of target's buffs, and will make target unable to gain buffs for a time.

I can't guarantee that this skill set's will be in the next update. Also I can't guarantee the names of the skills and their effects. It's more like a preview. Have fun with the information.

Your Little Brother,

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2New Skill Set in the upcoming update? Empty Re: New Skill Set in the upcoming update? on Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:35 am


Hey guys and gurls,

After some browsing I found out the the 4th set won't be in the next Wuxia update. The update with the 4th set will be after the "Hua Mount" update. So most of the peole think, this will be in December. I'm going to keep you informed.

Your Little Brother,

3New Skill Set in the upcoming update? Empty Re: New Skill Set in the upcoming update? on Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:13 am


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