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Upgrading the Guild Base

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1Upgrading the Guild Base Empty Upgrading the Guild Base on Fri Oct 04, 2013 4:28 pm


Dear members,

We have a guild base located southwest of emei!

When you are in the guild base you can do many things!

you can:

1. Take a Stagecoach
2. Buy horses
3. Cultivate by Team practicing with guildmates even at a higher rate than at your own sect!
4. Get some nice power/defence buffs!
5. Get some nice items only gainable in a castle
6. Use the guild banking system
7. Get some nice guild clothes.
8. And a lot more!

Now when you go to the guild base. you wont have the possibility yet for these things.

Thatswhy we request of every guildmember to do at least 1~10 escorts a day.
and collecting many materials such as:

Iron ore
Copper ore
Lead ore
Silver ore
White poplar wood
Cypress wood
Sweet Olive wood

So if you want some nice stats, some nice upgrades, and much love and stuff from your guild.

Help us all ^^

With much thnx and wishing you guys to have some real fun!

The Leaders of Zilong

2Upgrading the Guild Base Empty Re: Upgrading the Guild Base on Sat Oct 05, 2013 8:05 am


what horses? we dont have that confirmed yet dreamie Very Happy

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